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Date:2009-01-20 12:30

 Tada! Yeah I caved in. I'm really going to start updateing this thing. I think I have way too many blogs now. With Xanga, Myspace and this thing....Myspace it boring. nobody posts anything...bleh.

Well it's Saturday and I have nothing to do. One room mate might be moving back in and the other one went to see her family that is coming back from Kenya from a mission trip.

 I had no sleep last night. I went out with my church group and stayed out until after midnight when my non-christian friend calls me telling me that he's trashed and needs to talk to me. I head home after dropping a friend off and countinue home with my room mate and he calls again and says he's at my appartment. yay. I get home and he's waiting on the stairs, drunk. I'm not letting him drive home and I'm too tired to drive him home so he comes in the appartment with me. my room mate goes to bed and I stay up with Justin 'cause Lord knows he's wide awake. We watch "When Harry met Sally" and drive to McDonolds 'cause we get hungry at three in the morning and then we start watching "Message in a bottle" but I couldn't last. I crashed at four something and Justin wakes me up at 6 saying he needs to get his little brothers' car back to him (his had a flat). All I know is that he left and I woke back up at 7 something to my room mate leaving and I still have to go to work to feed the horses. yay...then I went home and watch a little bit of "West Side Story" and then I came to the library where is where I am now...I have a boring life. Yay.

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Date:2009-01-13 11:20

I figured out how to get on the net! yay!
 I go to the library now. 
 Life is good. I have a new roommate. she really cool I like her a lot. 
 Carli is being a little wierd lately. She broke her leg when she fell off a horse so I' ve been doing everything at the barn and living alone until Emmie came. But Carli is just acting like she hates me for some reason. I don't know.
  There's a new guy coming to the Walk. I kinda like him...I don't know.
 But I guess you guy's will see more of me now. 
 I'm going to go Truck shopping today as soon as I leave the library. Pray that I get something and don't get ripped off.

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Date:2008-10-30 21:31

Tada! I'm on the computer again! yay. bye!

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Date:2008-09-10 16:54

I'm sick of people.  More so the men. I'm sick of men who don't care about anyones feelings except for their own. As long as they get what they want they're happy. ...Anyway.
 I'm not at home for once and yet I'm on the computer! Wow! Hell has frozen over!  Not really. I just wanted to say that.
 I'm on Stacy's computer while she's gone and Carli is watching the boys and I have nothing to do 'cause I'm a loser and slept until 2:00 this afternoon and didn't go to church. I could have had something to do had I gone. Go hang with friends and whatever.  but I was too lazy. ahh well.
  Wow. It's been so long since being on the computer and yet I have nothing to say. Amazing.  Wow. I could be really lame and start talking about sports. My friends have started me watching the football games on TV every saturday. I get made fun of 'cause I bring my knitting. Rob made me promise to wear an Ohio State shirt last night to the party. I told him I'd make him proud. I suprizingly had one from long ago that I wear as a work shirt. Now that I did that He's trying to see how far he can get me to go. Now I've been challenged to paint block Os on my cheeks next Saturday and bring Scarlett and grey yarn to knitt.  I'll do it just because it's fun. I'm actualy kinda liking football. Now that it's been explained to me and I understand it. But it's still fun when we get a touchdown to yell "Go Band!" and laugh at big sweaty men fighting over a pig blatter.  TX Longhorns are cheaters. I thought I'd throw that out there.  'Cause even with all their cheating and paid refs we still won. HA!  Next Sunday we are having some of the OSU team come to the church and share their testemoines. Should be cool. It was nice to see them all praying after the game. 
  Now that I've lost all dignitey I had by talking about football. I think it's time for me to get off of here. 

Go Bucks! lol

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Date:2008-08-26 12:43

Its kinda amusing that I only update my LJ when I'm at home. Makes sence though, seeing as I don't have internet at the appartment. 
Yeah...running home to see Ranger.  Its looking like I'm going to have to put him down. This is the worst trip of my life. 
Life is good in OH. I brought Rebel up so I have my own horse there. Everyone is amazed at how bomb proof he is. I can stand on his back and whip the ground  and I'm trying to jump on from behind and he'll let me. I just can't get enough lift to hoist my lard butt.  We all are trying to learn how to swing up on the horses from the side. it's so funny to see your bosses clinging to the side of the horse going "I almost made it!" 
Our average work day is 12-13 hours, but the other day we were there for 16 hours straight. Carli and I figured out that we make less than $2.00 an hour. Before I got my raise I was making $0.60 an hour. So I'm very happy with where my pay is now. We get $60.00 a week to feed and clean 20 horse stalls. $5.00 an hour to go to a clients farm and work with his yearlings and weanlings, and then we get $25.00 a horse a week to ride. I have 4 horses that I'll be riding for them and then Rebel. We are required to ride each horse for an hour and a half everyday. so I average around what? 9 hours of riding a day? I love every minute of it.  I have a yearling stud in training now (just normal ground work so he's not running everybody over) I want to buy him. I'm going to try my darndest to buy him. I love this horse to bits. He's amazingly well bred and Jesse thinks that he could get me a deal for him. they want $6,000-7,000 for him...we'll see. If only I could sell Rebel really fast. (Stacy thinks that I should be able to get $3,000 for Rebel after training. Not a bad investment I think for a $240 horse at and auction.) I am going to do everything I can to get this yearling. I want him so bad it's not even funny.

Church has been good I love all my friends. But I miss Ruthy so much! We need to have a weekend together. I asked Stacy to get you a congress ticket so we can all sit together. YAY! I think it's like the last weekend in Sept. I'm going to double check on that. 
Tell Joe and everybody that I said Hi that that I'm praying for him. 

I'm going to pop off here so I can get ready to head home.

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Date:2008-04-22 01:09

Oh, my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!

I totally LOVE Ohio!
I love where I work, what I do, who I work with, I love my room mate, I love the youth group, I love the church! I love everything about Ohio!

Except I miss the mountains. Ahh well. A small price to pay.

I'm here only until right after Church on Sunday and then I'm headed back home to Ohio. I'll have my bed and the rest of my room with me. (I've been sleeping with my room mate...lets not let that slip out anywhere else... sounds wrong)

Man I could go on and on about how much I love it there...but I have stuff to do. I went to see my ponies today and they all come running up to me to say Hi. Then Rebel and Blaze wouldn't leave me. They had to be right there with me the whole time I was there... I took way too many pics of my babies. Yay!
Anna and I are going to go riding tommorrow. I'll be out there all day long..soo much fun.
Carli (my room mate) and I are wanting to join the drill team here in OH. I would move Blaze into her barn and we'd trailer them to practices every week. I thought that would be so cool.

I g2g. I have way too much to do and I have had no sleep. I went to bed at like 11:30pm and got up at 4:30am to drive home. Got home at like 11:30 and have been running around doing random things until now...it's 1:00am. wow...yeah..I need sleep. I have to be up at 6:45 to pick up Anna at 7:30 and go see my ponies and the farrier will be there at 8:00 to look at Liberty's funky hoof. and then we shall ride all day. Yay!

I g2g. See ya'll!

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Date:2008-03-31 00:09

Tada. My hair. Permed. it looks kinda freaky right now 'cause I'm not allowed to wash it for a few days to make sure it stays...so..yeah....I slept on it.  I still like it.   Kinda wild and funky.  I just need a tattoo to go with it right.  ;-)

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Date:2008-03-30 01:30

I got my hair permed today...well..now I guess it would be yesterday.. But anyway. I like it. I think it makes me look sexy. lol. If that's possible. I might have pictures up later..if not..tough for ya'll. lol. See ya!

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Date:2008-03-29 23:52

Bethany, your Emotional IQ is 123.
This number is the result of a formula based on how many questions you answered correctly on Tickle's Emotional IQ test. But your Emotional IQ score is much more than just a number: it's an indicator of success.

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So, where are you most emotionally smart? Your test results show that your strongest suit is empathy — your ability to see things from someone else's point of view.

What Type of Flirt Are You?
Bethany, you're a Subtle!
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Date:2008-03-29 20:26

~Girl Confessions~


I sleep naked: Only sometimes...when I know no one will walk in on me to wake me up.

I wear pink: a lot

I've dyed my hair: high-lights

I like(d) the Spice Girls: nope

I wear makeup: sometimes. not everyday.

I've snuck out to meet boys: I plea the 5th on the grounds that it may incriminate me.

I keep a diary: Ljs and Paper.

I love chocolate: I like it...I only crave it a little..

Chick flicks make me cry: one.

I still need my girl time: "Alone time"

It takes me at least an hour to get ready: Nope. I'm ready in 20 minutes.

I still have sleep overs w/ my girls?: I totally have sleep-overs

I love doing my hair: I love having Stacy do my hair (My hair dresser) I'm going tomorrow BTW. I'm getting a perm.

My boyfriend is better than yours: Of course my Boyfriend is better than yours.

Trucks are pretty much hot: TOTALLY!

Girls are bigger players: I have no idea

I've given a guy a fake number: Hmm...I'v told them that I'm in the book when I'm not.

I've been honked at going down the road: Too many times...and chased down...

I've been hit on in public: Yes

I've been called a slut: Nope.

I love singing: I totally love to sing.

My boobs are too big: Nope.
My boobs are too small: Depends..if I'm riding horses..their fine..if I'm going out on a date...yeah...way to small..time to bring out the push-up

I have my belly button pierced: I really want to do that.

I have my tongue pierced: Those are so disgusting

I have my nose pierced: That's even worse

I have a tattoo: I /WILL/ get a tattoo. you can bet on it.

I have gotten suspended: Heh. No.

I have gotten arrested: No.

1. What is your occupation? - Horse trainer

2. What color is your underwear? - yellow and pink..and silver stripes...

3. What are you listening to right now? - The heater fan blowing..

4. What was the last thing you ate? - Strawberry cheesecake

5. Do you wish on stars? - Yes...they never come true.

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? - white..almost non-existant

7. How is the weather right now? - Rain

8. Last person you spoke to on the phone? - Ruthy

9. Do you like the person who sent this to you? - Duh! =)

10 . Favorite drink? - Cranberry juice

11. Favorite sport to watch? - Reining, Bull riding. I love bull riding.

13. Have you ever dyed your hair? - High-lights

14. Do you wear contacts or glasses? - I only sometimes need my glasses.

15. Favorite month? - October. I'm going to get married in October...I don't know of what year..lol..but I'll have pumkins and leaves all around me..an outside wedding.

16 Favorite food? - Fruit and Yougert Parfait at Micky-Dee's

17. Least Favorite day of the year? - O_o

17. What do you to vent anger? - I really don't vent..I yell..but I bury most of it.

18. Cherry or Blueberry? - Cherry.

19. Do you want your friends to email this back? - Yup

20. Who is most likely to respond? -*shrug*

21. Who is least likely to respond? - *shrug*
22. Living arrangements? - Home, currently.

23. Last time you cried? - Two nights ago I think

24. What is on the floor of your closet? - what closet?

25. Who is the friend you have had the longest? - Ruthy! Shocking..it's been 12 years...thats right folks. Speaking of that..I have an idea Ruthy that I want to run by you for 5-10 years from now. Kee?

26. What did you do last night? - Um...rode horses, talked to some peoples on the computer...made up a mix for a horse feed for my babies.

27. Favorite smell? - Cucumber Melon

28. What inspires you? - Music. It always has.

29. What are you afraid of? - Failing.

30. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? - cheese

31. Favorite car? -Evil bunny cars! Murano! I would want one just to say I ride an evil bunny. But to have..a VET! And a Pick-up Truck....but right now I think I'll be driving a Corsica. 5 speed! YAY

32 Favorite dog breed? - all.

33 Number of keys on your key ring? - none ATM

34. How many years at your current job? - HA! Unempployed ATM.

35. Favorite day of the week? - Fridays

36. How many states have you lived in? - 3

37. How many cities have you lived in? - 4..soon to be 5.

38. Are you happy? - No.

39. Where would you move to? - I have no idea anymore.

40. What is your sooo total fav. I don't watch TV anymore.

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Date:2008-03-26 01:54

Hillbilly Birth
Deep in the back woods of Letcher County Kentucky a hillbilly's wife went into labor in the middle of the night, and the doctor was called out to assist in the delivery. Since there was no electricity, the doctor handed the father-to-be a lantern and said, "Here. You hold this high so I can see what I am doing!."
Soon, a baby boy was brought into the world. "Whoa there", said the doctor, "Don't be in such a rush to put that lantern down I think there?s another one coming."
Sure enough, within minutes he had delivered a baby girl. "Hold that lantern up, don't set it down there's another one!" Said the doctor.
Within a few minutes he had delivered a third baby. "No, don't be in a hurry to put down that lantern, it seems theres yet another one coming!" cried the doctor.
The redneck scratched his head in bewilderment, and asked the doctor . . . . . .
"You reckon it might be the light that's attractin' 'em?"

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Date:2008-03-25 01:26

I made an oops updating my LJ. I hope the pics don't kill anybody's computer.

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Date:2008-03-25 01:24

 Me in my new little trailer

Maggie.  I horse I love and Mr. Seutter had no idea why. He hated her. Called her a hard-head.

 I think she's beautiful.

 Kelvin baby.

 My "Studly" His name was "Magic" though. I thought that was a gay name. Mr. Seutter hated this horse too. I loved him. He was my baby. I wanted to buy him. I think he would make a good stud.

 My beautiful boy.

He's adorable.

 Making faces at me.

 too cute. Who could ask for a better stud?

 "Instant Luck"  I liked the lighting for this pic.

 "This Dun's The One"  called Hollywood.  I like this pic of him. He's a nice horse.

I just thought this was pretty.

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Date:2008-03-22 23:05

Stupid son of a bitch fucking people.


I'm going to go into Dille and Wyden and shoot every one of you Mother Fuckers!

Blow your tires out, shoot your dogs and then shoot you!

I go to look for my horses. I didn't know Bo was following me. Mom and Mariann sent him home. I find my horses, head home. I get to the 15 acres. Bo is lying in the middle of the road. Shot in the chest, right below his throat.

I hate people.

I'm going to get a big Rottie or Pit Bull and I'm going to teach them to attack people. Attack to kill. Rip their throats out. Tear apart their jugular. Die.

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Date:2008-03-21 22:58

so anyway.
Watched Am. Idol. I like Buck, Chris and Pickler. Yup. I like those. Yes...those are the ones I like. anyway.
I'm losing my hair. I thought everyone needed to know that. Mom says it's from stress, I think it's because I feel like I'm going to die...(though that is probably also brought on by stress...die stress...DIE!)
I need to get pics of my baby goats. Ford and Mercedes. I'm naming all my goats after cars. Their mom is Kia btw. I'm going to sell Ford. I have no need for a buck. Mercedes stays and this year will be dropped off with mommy to be bred this fall. I love Mercedes. She looks like a white goat that has rolled in red TX dirt. She looks dirty untill you get close and see that that is her true color. And she's very hairy. lol.
Libby's hoof needs to be taken care of. Her left back hoof looks like it's growing under, insted of out. like she's walking on the inside of her hoof. worries me. it looks really bad.
I found out what to do for Blazes' cribbing problem. I saw it done to a horse I was riding in Fl. They took ear tag rings...and they pierced his gums, like around his top front teeth. it makes them look like they either have braces, or are pimped out all cool like. He bled a lot for the first day and then he was ok. I wouldn't want to be there when it was done to Blaze but the way I figure, the way Blaze has ruined his teeth already, I would rather he go through a few minutes of pain and gain weight and still have teeth when he's 15 than go on cribbing and have no teeth and die when he's 15. Let me tell you, "Big John" (or "Pimp Daddy" as I called him) Never cribbed again.

Just for the record. I love Steve.

good night all.

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Date:2008-03-20 19:22

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Date:2008-03-20 02:04

I don't want to talk about it, don't even ask. I will be in O.H within 2 weeks. in my own appartment with Carli, my roommate. Working for Stacy Westfall.
'night all. I am tired.

BTW: its a known fact that reject reining horses make great Dressage horses. ;)
Always 2 handed, always on the verticle, comes off the leg, no sliding stops or spins, and know lead changes.

I was living next to Lynn Palm. She's not that great.

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Date:2008-03-19 20:20

My life is over. Ended now. I have nothing. Am nothing.

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Date:2008-03-05 17:45

OMG. How long has it been since I've come to Fla? About a month right? It has had sooo many ups and downs it's scaring me. First, to Mr. Seutter I'm the greatest thing in the world and he hasn't had any good help since his son Jose left. Then Mr. Seutter says I suck and asks me "How can you be so stupid as to not get this right!?" When he gets mad at me he cusses and swears and F-this and F-that. But then the next day he's like "Wow, at the rate your going I could have you showing in April unsted of July!" So what the heck am I!?! am I good or do I suck!? For crying out loud. I will addmit, I m learning a lot here. I've learned what horses I hate ("Mia") And what horses I love ("Magic" AKA "Studly") Mr. Seutter hates Studly. Says he's a hard head that needs to be gelded. (Or has Jose says "Needs to have his balls "magicly" disappear") Mr. Seutter says you need to keep a tight hand on him or he takes the bit and runs off with you. I've been working him in the round pen on a loose rein and he stays perfectly collected and is so mindful of me. I had some trouble putting his bridle on 'cause he would clamp his teeth down really hard and not take the bit. I think it's 'cause he's afraid that he's going to get pulled on. I work with him for a good half hour or more one day. I can now get his bridle on in less time than it takes some of the others. Mr. Suetter will tell me "Go get your boy over there" He's shocked at Studly's improvment.
My sliding stops have gotten pretty good. I can do some good ones on "Chicky"
Top horses can slide 30 feet. Mr. Seutters can slide 15-20 feet. I can get Chicky to slide 10 feet. But she's out of shape and I'm not perfect at it yet so I'm sure we will get better.
Spins are harder than sliding stops. If I can get my legs just right it will come easy.
I hate draw-reins. I can see how they help, but I hate using them. And Mr. Seutter is always reminding me to be careful when using them 'cause horses flip over really easy with them.
I want to come home after I learn Flying lead Changes. I want to go to Stacy Westfalls'. I talked to her after she won Road to the Horse. She remembered whom I was and was happy to see me. I met her other apprentice Carli who is 18 and very nice and friendly. the only way I can discribe her is "Bubbly" lol. Mr. and Mrs. Seutter are totally against clinics and such and Mrs. Seutter told me that she questions my intelligence for going to see Road to the Horse. Mr. Seutter makes fun of Clinton Anderson all the time, saying he's not a horse trainer, just a big lier. At R.T.T.H I say Clinton riding a horse I remembered as a 2 year old when I was there, Slim. Clinton will be taking him to the same futurity as Mr. Seutter is taking his colt. I've seen them both ride. Clintons Slim is so much further advanced than Mr. Seutters Twister i's not even funny. I hope Clinton beats the pants off of him.
We went to one of Mr. Seutters clients yesterday. I met this guy at the show I liked him Tony Smith. He was picking on me while I was riding Mia "I never thought you would make a good rider, Looks like Jan has whipped you into shape!" At the end of the day he gives me a hug and tells Mr. Seutter that he's keeping me. lol. I met his daughter...I thought she said something funny, She rides Dessage, Westurn Pl. and Reining. "In the english world, "Broke" means you can put a saddle on a horse, sit on it, maybe walk/trot in a round pen. In the Reining world, "Broke" means you can saddle it, walk/trot/canter on a loose rein, do a half decent sliding stop, spin both directions and maybe do a lead change...maybe."

so I'm driving down the road with my bulls balls hanging from my truck and my little sticker that says "Silly boys, Trucks are for girls!" I'm always getting looks from people. but anyway this hot guy and what looks to be his Dad drives by. the hot guy is driving and looks at me and laughs. He then gets stuck behind a slow car and I pass him. He then comes up beside me and his dad rolls down the window and is yelling something and laughing. I have no idea what he kept saying but it must have been funny to them. But I just smile and wave at them and take my exit and the hot guy is grining and waving back at me. You know the actor from "How to lose a guy in 10 days"? Thats what this guy looked like..yeah. nice picture you get there right?..lol.

I hope I get to Stacy Westfalls sooner than Later. I miss home..I miss family...I miss my friends...I miss my horses. And God, I miss Steve.

I am only here untill I learn Flying Lead Changes...a month at the most. and if he keeps cussing at me the way he does I'm not putting up with that and I'll take a whole paycheck and get Clintons vedio of "Leads and Lead Changes"

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Date:2008-02-01 19:46

I am in Fla.
yay... Now what? I'm at my grandmothers' place right now. I will be going to Jan Suetters tommorrow morning. First thing we are doing is loading up and going to a 5 day show in Jacksonville. (coming home every night.) and then Rex and Sally who are in Fla right now (They drove past us and we didn't know it) Next week on their way home they are going to stop by and check on me. I love Rex and Sally.
I miss Steve like the is no end. My heart hurts like you have no idea.
He sounds depressed on the phone to me. It kills me to hear him sad.

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