Bethany (old_time_girl) wrote,

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 Me in my new little trailer

Maggie.  I horse I love and Mr. Seutter had no idea why. He hated her. Called her a hard-head.

 I think she's beautiful.

 Kelvin baby.

 My "Studly" His name was "Magic" though. I thought that was a gay name. Mr. Seutter hated this horse too. I loved him. He was my baby. I wanted to buy him. I think he would make a good stud.

 My beautiful boy.

He's adorable.

 Making faces at me.

 too cute. Who could ask for a better stud?

 "Instant Luck"  I liked the lighting for this pic.

 "This Dun's The One"  called Hollywood.  I like this pic of him. He's a nice horse.

I just thought this was pretty.
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