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On The Top of Nowhere

My life in the middle of the moutains of W.Va

27 April 1988
I've totally changed my life.
I'moved to OH in April. Got a new job working at Westfall Horsemanship as a horse trainer. I'm loving every minute of it.
I've grown so much closer to God since April. He has shown me so much. I'm going to a church that I love and spending time with new friends. I've never had friends that lived close to me so it's kinda cool.
I'm training my own horse to be a Reiner. I'll be showing him this year.
The one thing that would make me happy would be to find a good Christian guy that loves the outdoors and horses. I've made too many mistakes with men that aren't Christains to ever do that again. Trust me, it doesn't work.
Another thing that would make me happy in life would be to get a big honking Truck! Yeah baby! Pull my horse trainlers around!